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Align your diverse customer profiles in one place using our persona builder. From user demography to behavior, from daily preferred online channels to content sources for decision making.

EvenDigit’s Buyer Persona Generator makes it easy for you to put all the information about your possible customers and present it visually appealing and useful for your marketing team.

Our Persona Maker Features

Try any or all of these strategies, using our powerful tool of buyer persona.

1. Simplistic

You can create an elegant and impactful persona online in a matter of just a few minutes. 

2. Agile

Once the persona is ready, you can download it and start sharing it with your team.

3. Sleek

You need not get confused with complicated settings or designs of a typical software.

4. Aesthetic

You will find the design professional with properly distributed for each sections  

5. Versatile

You can mention multiple answers so one persona can represent Wider Target Group.

In today’s craving-for-sales world, the image of your ideal buyer can help you to understand their desires and need.

With our Free Online Persona Generator Tool, you can easily share persona's characteristics with all team members.

Easy Steps to Make Appealing Buyers Personas Online

1. Personal information

The person’s personal details will help you and your marketing team plan the strategies thinking of this persona as a real person. Add your target customer’s personal information in our persona generator, such as their age, gender, location, education level, income group, and marital status.

Buyer Persona Step 02

2. Professional information

Everyone is looking for qualified leads. If you know your target audience’s business/professional details, you can refine your digital marketing strategies and campaigns on all different channels. Details of their profession, designation, team size, work timings, who they report to, who is decision maker, preferred communication mode, and department where they work can be added to this free buyer persona generator.

3. Personal and Professional Goals

Personal and professional goals can help you to add personalization to your content strategy. You can also plan offers or discounts that may aim towards achieving their goals. Mention upto five personal and five professional targets in the persona generator that your buyer may be looking to accomplish in his life.

Buyer Persona Step 03
Buyer Persona Step 04

4. Buyer Thinking

Knowing what influences and affects your buyer can be helpful in making them feel heard. You can avoid what may offend them and always sound pleasing, keeping them engaged for longer. Buyer thinking or buyer intent can be added in the persona tool to make sure that your buyers feel precisely how you want to make them feel with your copies.

5. Buying Process

Different people have different ways of shopping. Some may shop, whereas some may shop after doing their due diligence for an item. Identifying every stage of the buying cycle can help you in creating a detailed funnel. Overcoming the gap where your buyers stop without conversion gets more comfortable when you add the buying process in the persona tool.

Buyer Persona Step 05
Buyer Persona Step 06

6. Daily Preferred Online Channels

People have varied media consumption habits. Some may be social network enthusiasts, whereas some may be a little traditional in their choices of consuming their media. Include different channels in the persona tool that your buyers would be referring to for their daily dose of general and current affair intel..

7. Content Sources for Decision Making

Corporates trust professionals, experts, and paid media. In comparison, others may be okay with putting their trust in something that comes from another person who has consumed the products or services. Listing the content sources from which your buyer must be gathering knowledge can often help you set your content’s tone and style.

Buyer Persona Step 07
Buyer Persona Step 08

8. Buying Team

Often the consumer of a product or service may differ from the person buying it. And so, you can also include all about the people who will be investing the money, who will be using it, and the one who is going to make the purchase decision. This section is helpful, especially when your audience is B2B or your deal in high-value items.

9. Timing

Knowing the event or occasion that is most favorable or the timings when most people may be searching for your product or services can be very helpful, especially for marketing insights. Add the timings in the persona generator tool at which you think your buyers will be most active in buying your product or service. You could also include some peak events and seasons of utmost importance.

Buyer Persona Step 09

Create, download, and share beautiful Buyer Personas in minutes to kick start your marketing campaigns.

EvenDigit Personas Generator© is a free online buyer persona creation tool that facilitates you in creating multiple buyer personas for your diverse customers. Whether you are a small or a large business, it’s essential to portrait how your ideal customers look like and start targeting them.

Common Persona Generator Questions

To create a buyer persona, you need to think about all the possible kinds of people that may be interested in your service or product. Then you segment them based on some specifications. The specifications or segmentation factors may differ from brand to brand. But our Free Persona Generator lets you create buyer personas targeting several people at once.

Do not worry if you are not a designer. Our Free Persona maker lets you design lucrative buyer personas with professional design. Sorted from hundreds of design options, a focus group team has carefully worked on sorting the selected design, which will definitely be easy to understand and beautiful to look at, in comparison to a myriad of complex buyer persona generator tools available online.

Yes, you can take a print of your buyer persona from our Free online buyer persona generator. We also provide the option to export your buyer persona as a PDF.